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Waiting Impatiently

My baby shower was last night so I’m pulling out my bag of tricks today. The evening primrose oil seems to be doing it’s job. I just need a bit more of a push. I can’t decide if I’ll do the castor oil tomorrow or Thursday. If it’s going to work, Thursday would be good because Friday is never much of a day at the office for Matt anyway and he wouldn’t be missing much. And I wouldn’t have to drive the hour it takes to get to my midwives on Friday morning. But if I waited until Friday after my appointment, that would be one more office visit that the midwives can charge my insurance. And since I don’t want to slit my wrists quite yet, one more day won’t be that much of a deal.

I had so much fun at my shower last night. It’s so nice to be able to get out of the house and visit with everybody. Spencer got some great stuff and made out like a bandit as far as homemade baby quilts are concerned. I showed them to the girls today and Emma insisted on sleeping with the “Horse Blanket”. A couple of people even got some presents for Emma and Lucy. That was so nice. They had fun reading the new books and putting the puzzles together this morning. I probably should have waited until after he was born to give them to the girls, but I’ve never been one to wait on presents anyway 🙂

My New Toys

With our prior children, we always lived in a place where we could borrow a swing. This time we had to break down and get one for ourselves.

And our current double stroller is great for running and for attaching to the back of a bike. But if you wanted to take it anywhere, you had a choice, stroller or children. It just didn’t fit in the car. So we got a new one that folds up quite nicely. Emma and Lucy had fun climbing in and out and as soon as Matt got home they insisted on going for a ride in it. They were pretty excited since we had never bought a stroller new before (or only slightly used for that matter).

Fortunately, since chances are this is not our last child, we may get our money’s worth out of both stroller and swing.

At least now I know my place

This morning I made eggs and toast for my children. As I handed Lucy hers, she took a bite and said “Wow! This is the best restaurant EVER!”

It's fixed!

Well we got our computer fixed this morning. Living an hour from everything is pretty convenient sometimes. It’s nice when I need my computer fixed, they come to me instead of me having to take it in.

I’m still painting like mad. In fact, I’m repainting the entry way. I like the hall color much better than the entry way (which I have always hated). Matt can tell there is a difference, but he doesn’t think it looks any better or worse. Just goes to show what he knows 🙂

I woke up several times in the middle of the night with painful contractions. My first thought was “oh crap, it can’t happen now! I’m getting my computer fixed in the morning!” And tomorrow is my baby shower. He can’t come until that’s over.

I do think I’m in very early labor though (you know, the kind that can last for days). I’m having a lot of painful contractions, but nothing so bad that it keeps me from getting my house clean. And they are pretty irregular. But I really don’t know if I’m having any more than I was before. They might just be getting my attention now where as before I only noticed one out of ever five.

Martha will be here on Thursday to help me with the girls. Maybe he’ll come then, so that I don’t have to find someone to watch my girls. Wouldn’t it be nice if he was considerate enough to think of that?

Home Visit

I had my home visit with the midwives today. I’m happy to say that I got the stamp of approval for my birth plan. My plan is this, Sunday I’m 37 weeks, so he is safe to come any time after that. Thursday or Friday (7th or 8th), I am going to pull out my bag of tricks. It will be a night of acupressure, lots off walking, squatting, evening primrose pills, clary sage and lavender essential oil foot and ankle rubs, castor oil cuisine and that other thing that you can do to speed things up (won’t my husband be happy:). But I know that all of these things are just nudges, so if he really isn’t ready to come, he won’t. At my appointment next Friday, they will add to my list if I need it 🙂

This way, Matt and I will have the weekend together before he has to go back to work and the weekend to make arrangements for the girls. Mom will be here the next Friday and I can still go to book group on the 16th (I’ll go if I’m still preggo, but not if I’m in labor. Joey, you’ll have to lead the discussion without me).

Don’t you love how I plan the birth of my son around my social engagements?

After Nap

Well, my afternoon was much better than my morning. It’s amazing what a nap can do for your spirit.


I am a basket case today. For the last three nights I’ve only gotten one or two hours of sleep in a row before I am awakened by a full bladder or a screaming child.

I’m going to paint the bathroom today.

My computer keeps shutting down for no reason so we’re probably going to have to get it fixed again. I’m going to be mad if it’s the same problem as before.

I need to have this baby. I don’t think my family will survive much longer if I don’t. My midwives come over for a home visit tomorrow, I’m 37 weeks on Sunday, my baby shower is Tuesday… and he has been told that he is to be born on Friday. Let’s see if he is as obedient as his older sisters are or if he will actually do what I ask.

Sorry I’m so negative today. It must be my time of the month (ha ha).


Well, I’m done painting the hall and the nursery. All that needs to be done in those rooms are the trim and the wall just up by the ceiling. I’m going to let Matt do the ceiling. He’s much better at it than I am.

I worked so hard yesterday and today and I am regretting it now. I hurt all over and boy am I tired.

But on the bright side, I had a few friends from church volunteer to come over and clean my house today. My floors got swept and vacuumed and my dishes are done. It’s great. Now if I could only have someone volunteer to give me an hour long massage 🙂

Busy Day

Matt spent the whole day sanding the dresser and pulling nails out of the wood he is going to use to make my garden boxes. I painted upstairs all day. The hall looks good without all of the crayon marks on them.

The sun came out around 10 am and then went away to allow room for the rain just as Matt fired up the grill for a BBQ. It was pretty funny grilling hamburgers in our kitchen on a tiny 1 1/2 foot high grill with a fan blowing the smoke outside into the rain. The burgers were really good though.

Holiday Fun

Well, after two warm and sunny days of play and then a warm and sunny Sunday, we are greeted this morning by nothing other than “Seattle Drizzle” which is defined as slightly more substantial than a mist, but not quite a sprinkle. It gets everything wet, and lasts ALL DAY LONG! So we will be spending this Memorial Day, painting our upstairs. Namely, Spencer’s room, the little bathroom, the hall and as much trim as we can handle. I’m nesting and want everything to be perfect and I want everything hard to be done before he’s born so that I don’t have to do anything at all afterwards.

Matt is in the basement sanding on the dresser that needs to be done this week (the midwives need a nice flat surface in our room to put all of their gear on during the birth). This dresser was his mom’s when she was young. It’s a beautiful black walnut that she painted yellow (before she knew better than to paint over black walnut). He’s sanding and refinishing it for our room. I can’t wait. It’s going to be beautiful. Then he is going to build my garden boxes so that I can plant my garden this week. Project #3 is a cradle for the baby. Poor man isn’t going to get any rest. I’m going to work him to death before this pregnancy is over.