Quite possibly, the finest 100% Whole Wheat Bread you may have ever seen.

And it was delicious.

  • Jocelyn says:

    Dang! Those are works of art! Much better looking than mine were, but still tasty! 🙂

  • Kendra says:

    Those look beautiful especially in those baking dishes!! YUMMY!!

  • Heather B says:

    WOW! Those look amazing! You have to email me exactly how you did it, because I made your recipe just yesterday and they turned out like two little bricks. What was the difference? You ground your own wheat, right?, Not flour from the store with all the germ and bran removed? I can’t figure it out. I was so excited and mine looked nothing like that AT ALL. Help!

  • Megan b says:

    Yummers, that does look very fine indeed.

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