This is my life these days.  Just keepin’ it real.

Only two of the four backpacks are where they belong… one of which is open with stuff spilling out.


Pencils and notebooks that belong in the backpacks are discarded at the table and DVD’s thrown on the floor.


Math book, scriptures, and toys left abandoned on the floor.  Floor cushions most assuredly NOT stacked neatly in a corner


Laundry not even contained in the basket, let alone put away.


The only mess that belongs to me is the one on that little white table… which I’m finding it difficult to feel bad considering the rest of it.


Why is my house overtaken by stuff?  Well, she starts out like this


Within seconds of me eating/cleaning/breathing, this starts


And then very quickly escalates to this,


And apparently only mama (and a couple of her appendages) will do.  While it is a little difficult to wrap my head around the apparent destruction of my beautiful home, I console myself with the knowledge that, if given a few childless hours and a semi-healed/cooperative body (which I currently lack), I could get it back to normal.

In the mean time I am loving the extra snuggle time.  And when my arms are tired of holding her and I feel drained, I remind myself that I when I look back, I will not regret for a second holding and snuggling her so much, but I will very likely wish that this time lasted a little bit longer.