Ordinary, Happily Ever After

A few years ago I was talking to a young mother who was pregnant with baby number three.  I think I was pregnant with baby number six, and we got to talking about the difficulties of motherhood.  A few months later she told me that something I had said to her made a lasting impression […]

It’s fairly strange writing an entrepreneurial blog post the day after I drop a huge bombshell on the world.  But life goes on and this homework assignment is due tomorrow. Woody Allen said, “90% of life is just showing up.”  It makes it sound so easy doesn’t it?  Just be where you need to be, […]

Thomas Paine said, “the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph”. It reminds me of something Elder Benson said: Some of the greatest battles we will face will be fought within the silent chambers of our own souls. Do you ever get tired?  I have to be honest.  I’m tired.  There are times, even […]

RAW or JPEG? If you are a beginner photographer or working with your phone, you likely won’t know what I’m talking about when I talk about RAW files. There is also a huge debate among photographers as to whether it’s better to shoot in raw or shoot jpeg. I’m not going to get into all […]

Selfish I’ve been a little selfish lately.  Sometimes things happen in our lives that make it hard to look outside of ourselves.  That’s been happening to me.  So, yesterday morning, following the example of a friend, I prayed that, in spite of my limited resources, time, and emotional bandwidth, that I would be able to […]

You may or may not have realized by now… but I’m kind of obsessive.  As soon as I find something that is interesting, I completely immerse myself in that thing, learn everything possible, and then drop it like a hot potato. But there are a couple things that have continued to gnaw at me over […]

You’re a Hero When I was growing up, I was always drawn to stories that embodied what I later learned was called “The Hero’s Journey”.  Luke Skywalker, Hercules, Superman… these were my heroes.  No big surprise here.  I imagine a lot of people are drawn to these types of archetypes. I used to wish I […]

Last week I talked to you about being the kind of person that you want to be.  I said, Don’t hide from who you are.  And if you are not the woman you want to be, model the woman you do want to be in all areas of your life.  If you want to be a strong […]

Keep it at the office? How many times have you heard something along the lines of “don’t bring work home” or “your personal life has no business at the office”?  Look, I get it.  Your employers want you to focus on the subject at hand, and your family life deserves a certain amount of privacy. […]

This morning I was at the physical therapist for my plantar facetious.  I usually listen to books while I do my monotonous exercises, but this time I decided to listen to music.  It must have been fun watching me wave my arms and sing while I was balancing on one leg. I mentioned to the assistant […]