Am I weird?

Is it weird that I LOVE LOVE LOVE these video’s?

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  1. Courtney if you are weird because you love theses videos, then I would say welcome to the club! WE are a large and growing group! :)

  2. yes, ha ha! Just kidding! No, I do too!

  3. My brain hurts.

  4. Aunt Martha says:


  5. I agree with aunt Martha…..yes.

  6. It’s official. I’m weird.

    More people should be.

  7. Are you weird? Yes. But people who love to learn usually are! What is it Dave always says? You want to be “weird”, because “normal” is generally stupid. Keep being weird!

  8. These videos are awesome!! And I loved your thoughts on Conference over at Latter-day Homeschooling. :)