Big Week for Henry!

It’s been a big week for Henry!  First he started walking and is not walking about 70% of the time. Then, he figured out how to take down the baby gate blocking the stairs. Now this…

Next week… his first birthday :)

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  1. I can’t see the video- it’s blocked in Germany, but just the image of him halfway up the staircase says enough! You are gonna be one busy mama!

    I am sooo terrified for when my little one starts to climb- we have marble staircases- TWO of them! And the German railings are such that baby gates can’t attach to them. Fortunately every single room of the house has a door on it so we’re keeping them all shut but heaven help us if she escapes!

    • Ah man. Sorry it’s blocked. It’s a video of him coming DOWN the stairs. he’s known how to go up for months but now he can come down. I’m so happy because he would take the gate down, crawl up the stairs and we would have to chase him and get him before he fell. Now we don’t have to have the gates up at all :)

  2. LOVE the music choice. :)