A few weeks ago I found a ton of vintage dress and skirt patterns at Goodwill.  I bought 15 patterns for a dollar and came home to play!

I made a dress for Emma and a different dress for Lucy.  Emma’s went really well and quickly.  I modified that 3rd one (the one with the yellow dress on the front) a little bit for her.  Then I went to town on Lucy’s.  I was going to use the first one for her.
Oh she could hardly wait for it to be finished!

12 hours and no meals later I had finished all but the sleeves but I just couldn’t get them to work (and I wasn’t even putting the sleeves on, I was just trying to make it into a jumper but I couldn’t finish it off, it wouldn’t work!)
So Matt finished it for me.  He’s so great!  It’s a good thing I started with Emma’s because I never would have wanted to make another dress again after Lucy’s was done.

We finished them just in time 🙂


  • Deila says:

    I remember those patterns–so cool you can sew. Beautiful dresses.

  • Megan B says:

    You DID make that dress!! They are so beautiful!!! I am so impressed/jealous!

  • Heather B says:

    They look BEAUTIFUL!!!! And so cool that Matt helped. Jason can sew too, and I love it! He helped Amber sew me a beautiful kitchen apron years ago before she even started on her own sewing journey, and it’s still the one I use.

  • Kendra says:

    Those are adorable!! I love them! And how awesome your husband helped you out!!

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