Ordinary, Happily Ever After

Your complete, A-Z guide to setting up your camera and harnessing the light, and taking awesome pictures of your family with the camera you already have.

I hate the Rule of Thirds

That's a pretty bold statement, isn't it! Especially from a photographer. Which is weird, right? It’s like, the very first compositional rule that any new photographer learns. But here's the thing, there are so many ways to make a good picture. Screw the Rule of Thirds is real photography information, for normal people, with normal lives.

Are you ready to take some pictures

How many times have you scrolled through Instagram and thought, "I wish I could take pictures like that!" When was the last time you went to share only to test every Instagram Alter to And the one that made your picture look the best? Did you get a nice camera for your birthday but have no idea how it works?

Whether your have a nice DSLR or just want to take better pictures with your iPhone, this book is for you.

♥ Know how to use your camera as well as the professionals
♥  Fill your walls of pictures that you love, of people you love
♥  Feel confident you could take a great picture even with your smartphone
♥  Know could handle any lighting or compositional situation your life throws at you
♥  Your price: $27

How would you feel if you could...

♥  How to set up your iPhone
♥  How to set up your DSLR
♥ How to analyze the light in any situation
♥  Exposure 101
♥  To understand Aperture, ISO and
Shutter Speed
♥  How to choose the right lens
♥  How to read shadows
♥  How to manipulate your light or subject to match your vision
♥  The rules of composition
♥  How to capture the right moment

You will learn...

I've owned a "fancy" camera (Canon SX50) for about four years now and have not taken it out of "auto" mode more than a few times. Courtney's "Screw the Rule of Thirds!" helped me learn new and useful ways to get out of the safe mindset. I have had a blast learning all my camera can do--amazing machine, actually--and my photography has improved so, so much. Courtney teaches camera mechanics and composition concepts in a way that is understandable and fun! I can't wait to learn even more from her upcoming courses! I'm a fan! ♥

April Says...

Thank you so much for all you taught in your course. I learned so much!! What I learned has really changed how I take photos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for all of your support!

Lori Says...

About me

♥  I ran a marathon by myself the day before the official race
♥  I'm a single mom
♥  I have six kids. Yup. Six.
♥  I secretly want to get a tattoo
♥  I've suffered from depression at several points in my life
♥  I like sugary, marshmallow, chocolatey cereal
♥  Sometimes I am sick of being touched and just want to take a vacation by myself.
♥  I feel socially awkward, was a loner in high school and still feel like I have to earn people's love.
♥  I want to be an MMA fighter
♥  I love kitchen dance parties with my kids