"If you consider success to be only the most perfect rose or dazzling orchid, you may miss some of life’s sweetest experiences."

- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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First day of School – 2018

Yeah, I know I'm a year late on this... but here it

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Know What We Did Last Summer?

One week goes by, then another.  Before you know it, a year

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So… We’re moving!

Public school, divorce, and now we're moving.  A lot has happened in

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Murmur Not

***Flashback to 2015 to my pre-divorce, homeschooling, New Jersey Life*** A few weeks ago we went to the Bronx Zoo.

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Home Renovations! New House, New Floor, New Kitchen.

Over Christmas, I bought an adorable little house down the street from where we had been living.  More details on

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Stupid Grief

I'm going to say something that most people won't say out loud.  Grief is stupid. There.  I said it.  Grief

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