Just because potty training was SUPER EASY with one child does not mean that you were doing it right or that it will be easy with all subsequent children as well.

In fact, it probably means that you used up your luck on the easy child and from now on, all aspects of life associated with the other children will be a huge trial that God sends you to teach you patience and long suffering (emphasis on the SUFFERING).


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  1. Megan B says:

    Just wait until it’s spencer’s turn :)


  2. Cindy..... says:

    That’s funny, probably true, but still funny! I’m hoping not true, though!


  3. Abel Family says:

    I hear you, sounds like what I am going thrugh with Saydee. She can do it just dosen’t want to.


  4. claire says:

    Hi, Courtney. This is Claire Roach (Seattle 3rd Ward). I check your blog occasionally from other people’s blogs that we both know. Your blog is fun to read since we both have some mutual interests (sewing, online scrapbooking, exercising, etc.) Hope you don’t mind if I peek in on you every once in awhile! (oh, and I’m struggling to potty train my FIRST child who will be three soon! Heaven help me when it comes to my second child…). Good luck!


  5. Hutto Family says:

    So, if the first child is EXTREMELY difficult, will the others be easy? please say yes! =]


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