Growing Frustration

I think I have developed an ulcer… and I may have a heart attack later today.

Three weeks ago I was able to pack and pack and move things even though I probably “shouldn’t”.  Two weeks ago I could pack and pack but no longer move things.  Today I can toss light pillows into a box as long as it isn’t too far away.

My frustration grows with the expansion of my belly.  I look around and find that there is still SO much more to do to get ready for our move, and yet, I am not capable of doing any of it.  But I COULD if I wasn’t pregnant.  That’s what is frustrating!  Poor Matt has to do everything, and what he doesn’t have to do, the Elder’s and other volunteers have to do.

All I can hope to do is clean after they have emptied a room.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Megan B says:

    BIG DAY!!!!!!!!! TRAVEL SAFELY!!!


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