Vintage Girl and Birthday Magic

BOY has it been a while!  Sorry about that.  Pregnancy doesn’t agree with me and it disrupts my mojo.  Regardless, here are some of my latest goodies.
First up we have Vintage Girl.  This was a kit I made while I was convinced that this baby was a little girl.  While the kit worked out well, my theory didn’t.  It’s a boy :)  Unfortunately, baby boy inspiration seems to be missing from my brain these days.
And this week’s new release, here is Birthday Magic.  A kit to celebrate The DigiChick’s birthday (which is actually in May, not March like I thought) and THIS kit is 20% off today!  Grab it while you can :)
And have no fear!  I have some new blogwear for you coming next week.  Now if I can just remember to send out the newsletter :)  I know!  20% off coupon to everyone who emails me a reminder on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.  No early reminders, that’s cheating (I’ll forget anyway).
And just for you :)  Here is a little QP, it’s available only this week (or until I remember to take it down) and will be available later on in a QP set for sale at The DigiChick.  ENJOY!

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