In the Flesh

Here we go. We have the orange and carbon fiber dials to show you, as well as the case back, etc. The blue in person was nice, but it was very wrong, so they are redoing that color.
The hands on the CF dial are a polished silver (which is why they looked black on the previous photos, due to lighting). It was a mistake but it turned out so nice and striking on the CF dial that we are keeping it. The Blue and Black dials will still have white hands though.
As I mentioned before, the bracelet was supposed to be individual BOR. As you can see that is not what we got, however less parts = less problems, so we’re going to keep it as is.
Please forgive my lack of photographic experience (noise, out of focus, lighting issues, etc) and ridiculous attempts at artistic staging.
So do you love our logo or what? 
You can’t see it very well, but that’s the logo behind the name of the company.
And there is the logo again, engraved on the crown
Look how bright!  That strange rectangle of light by the 10 O’clock marker is the second hand.  I had my tripod and since I was taking a picture in the dark it took several seconds to take the picture.  That is just showing the movement from when the shutter opened, to when the shutter closed.

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  1. Heather B says:

    VERY cool!!


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