Home, Sweet Home.

I am home now.  Yes, I know it’s a little early for someone who had an emergency c-section… but I would rather lay around here with Matt with me, than lay around there without him.

But all has not been smooth sailing.  I came home, sat in my chair and Emma immediately came to tell me that her tummy hurt.  So I sent her up to lay down in her room.  She came down later with her pillow and a towel (just in case).  She isn’t happy about having a restraining order against her and the baby, but I think she understands, and frankly is feeling too poorly to care much.

Lucy is playing at a friend’s house, so Matt took Spencer and went to Walgreens for a Rx for me.  Not ten minutes after he left Emma threw up all over the couch.  And here I am, just as helpless as she is to do anything about it.

I literally can’t walk.  I’m ok if I take it really slow and have just taken pain medication, but it’s been a few hours and the ibuprofen isn’t making a dent (which is why Matt is on this errand for me).  It’s crazy, I need Matt to be my crutch whenever I need to go anywhere, and I usually end up in tears once I get there.

So cleaning up Emma’s mess is going to have to wait until he gets home.  Poor guy, he’s a sympathy puker and this is going to try his constitution.  At least she can bathe herself and it was kept to a very small part of the couch (the cushion cover comes right off and into the wash).

Welcome Home Mom!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. MJ says:

    So you're making me seriously reconsider my "ideal scenario" for if we have a third child.It went like this: twins, c-section, and while they're in there, tie, cut, and sauter my tubes.I'd still go for twins, but doesn't sound like the c-section part is so good…


  2. Dana ? says:

    Have hope Courtney… This is only temporary. Having had 3 C-sections, I know what you are talking about. You feel like your guts are going to drop out when you stand up and there are muscles hurting when you even think about moving that you didn't even know you had.If you have staples, know this, once they are taken out you will feel WAY better.Take it a day at a time, and don't overdo it or you will regret it. *hugs*-Dana


  3. Tristan says:

    Yuck! Praying your pain meds help soon and that the throwing up is an isolated, one time event. It stinks to be helpless!


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