Wednesday’s Homeschool Rant Which is Actually a Short Quote Instead

I found this on The Bagel Factory 

“Why do people take or keep their children out of school? Mostly for three reasons: they think that raising their children is their business not the government’s; they enjoy being with their children and watching and helping them learn, and don’t want to give that up to others; they want to keep them from being hurt, mentally, physically, and spiritually.” – John Holt


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  1. Liz says:

    Isn't it a great quote?! After sitting and writing that entire post, I was really wishing I'd come across it sooner so as to save myself the trouble of trying to articulate my reasons for homeschooling. I just didn't think the question could be answered "in a nutshell," but John Holt managed it. :D Thanks for linking up with me! I'm really enjoying meeting other homeschooling moms online. I feel much less overwhelmed knowing there are so many others "out there" who are seasoned pros at this.


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