And before…

And before anyone wonders, no I’m not going to get rid of the food I have already bought.  It’s a sunk cost.  I can’t get my money back from them.

And no, I would never turn away a meal made for me from someone who doesn’t agree with me.

I didn’t pay for it :)

And yes, I will occasionally go out to dinner still.  But if I only occasionally go eat/pay for those things, then I am still voting.  I’m not against the food.  I’m against the programs that are keeping it afloat.


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  1. Heather B says:

    Nice caveat. I also have felt to clarify in the past. Just because we strive to eat properly 95% of the time, doesn’t mean we shun meals from other dear people trying to serve us. We are always thankful for meals, we still go out occasionally, and we have even been known to eat bacon, you know, at Ward breakfasts :)
    I figure, that if we do well the majority of the time, our bodies are fortified enough to handle the occasional indulgence.


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