Disturbing Article of the Day

Experts tell Parliament that pedophilia is a “sexual orientation”


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  1. Deila says:

    Thanks for this article, very disturbing. Dennis Prager talked today about the death penalty for criminals that murder and torture kids. I guess Rhode Island let some guy off for good behavior. Very sad.


  2. Tara Nielsen says:

    If pedophilia is a “sexual orientation” then who’s rights are honored – the pedophile or the child? That’s where such a decision becomes a problem for everyone. It’s not about acceptance of others’ choices to do or not do things that we see as wrong (and yes, I see this as wrong). When pedophiles are given the green light by calling it a “sexual orientation” none of our children will have a hope of being safe.


  3. Tara Nielsen says:

    I must say that I’m in agreement with the state that “we must take our country back by ignoring the ‘experts'”


  4. Heather B says:

    I agree. Since when do “experts” in just about any field actually know what they’re talking about?


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