What brings a smile to your face?

Tell me I’m not the only one who finds ridiculous amounts of satisfaction and peace at a sight like this.

It’s not just the colors that I’ve added to the otherwise ashen landscape of southern New Mexico…

It’s not that I no longer have to change my baby’s sheets every morning because he no longer wakes up soaked…

It’s not even the sudden and definable lack of diaper stink that used to waft from my kitchen trash bin…

It’s knowing the ten seconds it’s takes me to rinse out a diaper or hang it up on a the line helps save us $30 a month.  That the extra load of laundry keeps my baby’s chronic diaper rash at bay.

I kind of love the stereotypical homemaker jobs.  I really like getting back to basics.  Getting the gumption actually start the job, whatever it may be, takes some effort, but once I’m doing it I can’t imagine feeling any more fulfilled or contented with life.  Whether it’s grinding wheat for the bread I make for my family, folding laundry, washing dishes by hand, vacuuming or even scrubbing the toilet (mostly), I’m serving my family and that brings me an incredible amount of joy.

I look out my window and all of a sudden I forget the stains on my shirt, the lego explosion in the living room and the many children who resist the training necessary to help out with my work.

Just one more of the Lord’s tender mercies.  I feel sorry for people who believe no happiness can be found when by the sweat of their brow they eat their bread.  I think every drop of sweat is just one more chance for joy.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Heather B says:

    FABULOUS!!! I TOTALLY know that feeling! People really miss out. You put it very well. And beautiful pictures, by the way :)


  2. Megan b says:

    Those are the cutest diapers EVER!!!! Looks like I’m the last hold out, LOL, but I don’t let them stink in my kitchen — I throw them right in the garage for Justin to pick up and put in the bin :)


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