The last few weeks I have been feeling especially blessed.  Do you ever feel that way?

Nothing has changed.  My kids are still especially loud and still make amazing messes.  I am still six months pregnant and can’t bend over anymore.  The love of my life is still gone 14 hours a day with the occasional night shift thrown into the mix.  I still look at the checkbook every week and try and figure out a way to pay bills that were higher than I expected.

In short, I still have a very ordinary, life.

And yet…

I have been so blessed.

My fabulous children love each other and play well (with the occasional squabble).

Most of the copious noise that echoes off of the walls is mostly laughter, playful squeals and singing.

My dear husband texts me throughout the day to tell me he loves me and I look forward to nightly phone call where we spend the 30 minute drive talking about nothing.  There is nothing better than seeing the “I’m so in love with you” look on his face when he comes home; except maybe the kiss that follows ;)

Jack is slowly learning to make deliberate sounds and repeat sounds on demand.

Spencer started Math-U-See Primer and All About Reading Pre-Reader and is loving every second and doing really well.

Emma is gaining confidence in reading.

Lucy is a wonderful and eager helper and loves to read and learn new things.

Speck is growing and healthy and squirmy.

I am learning new skills.

We are discovering wonderful things about New Jersey.

Life is good.

I truly am living happily ever after.  It’s ordinary, seemingly dull, repetitive and most days it’s nothing at all to write home about.  Ordinary yet so extraordinary!

My ordinary, every day, happily ever after.


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  1. Heather B says:



  2. Maine Mom says:

    This post makes me happy, happy, happy! Have you seen Duck Dynasty? It is a show worth getting hooked on. :-) I love hearing how well your kids get along and I love seeing pictures of them! And look at you…I am so impressed with your determination and success at building! You are awesome!


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