Use It or Lose It!

One of the wonderful things I have learned about the new area that I live in, is that it is Craigslist GOLD!  When we were in Maine, it was a fairly rural area and pickings were few and far between (though matt did get a pretty sweet motorcycle just an hour or so away).  New Mexico wasn’t much better.

New Jersey, however, is the jackpot!  The density of our population means that my area is filled with awesome stuff that people are just aching to get rid of!

It didn’t take long for me to fill my garage with solid wood furniture and antiques that need some TLC.

You can imagine how awesome Matt thought filling our garage full of stuff was.  He never said anything, of course.  Sometimes you just know someone so well that you know that they will be bothered.

So I brought everything that was waiting to be refinished upstairs to put in their various homes.  I like to have just one of these projects at a time, so I figure I can use them for what they were meant for until I can get around to making them mine.

One such beauty is this little secretary desk I snagged for $30.  The pictures on CL weren’t great, but the price was good and I was able to verify that is was solid wood.  It turned out to be much prettier in person.  As you can see, it needs some love.

I must confess that I didn’t want something in pristine condition.  I wanted something that needed work so that Matt and I could avoid the “stain vs. paint” argument discussion that always seems to come up when we get a new piece of furniture.  This little desk would require too much work for me to be able to stain it, but it’s perfect for fixing up for a good paint job!  You can see how the veneer on the front has ripped away in several places.

I moved my desk up to the dining room where I had imagined it living.  It’s a good thing this desk is light because it didn’t look right in the dining room at all, so Lucy helped me move it to the living room.  Perfect!

This is an old piece of furniture.  It was built back in ye olden days of yore before the days of power cords and computers.  Why would I want a desk like this, you ask?

Just like clothes, if you hold onto some things long enough they will come back into style :)  See that little space under the cubbies?  It just so happens to be a perfect fit for my laptop!  All I needed was a hole in the back to feed my power cords through.

I dug out yet another of Matt’s drill bit sets.  This kind of bit is called a Forstner bit.

I picked one that looked about the right size for several power cords.

Attached it to my power drill

Drill baby, drill!

Perfect fit!  Computer on the bottom with our backup hard drive in the cubby above it.  It won’t be long before I can fill all of the other handy cubbies with bills, school work, project ideas and junk.

Here she sits, in my living room, keeping my computer safe from sticky and curious fingers and patiently waiting for me to act the part of the Fairy Godmother and make her beautiful again.


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  1. Heather B says:

    What a find!!


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