The Big Move

It’s been three months since we have moved to New Jersey.  Howz about I tell you about it?

As always, it takes far longer to do things like pack and clean your house than you expect.  Fortunately this time, it only took us longer to pack our truck (and clean our house) than we expected because I started packing our junk into boxes six months before the move.

Part of the problem is we were packing our truck on a weekday and it can be difficult to scare up manly helpers when they are at work.  A couple of Matt’s good friends in the dental clinic came through in the clutch though and we managed to get it all done in time.   Well, mostly on time.  Here is our truck halfway packed.


I must admit, if I had known that I would be taking up furniture building as a hobby, we would have brought very little of our furniture with us!

We were several hours late on our cleaning inspection and had to find a last minute home for our garden boxes (and the dirt).  Three hours after our original departure time we drove away.  We picked up Matt’s parents in El Paso.  Matt handed the Penske off to them and climbed into the van (towing a U-Haul).  Matt’s parents took a different route than we did, so we waved farewell and were off.

After a few hours of driving we get a phone call from his folks telling us that there was a flat tire on the car trailer behind the Penske. DRAT!

Our drive was fairly uneventful.  Long, long days driving, listening to Harry Potter and Fablehaven.

Continental breakfasts and cranky kids and parents.  Jack refused to sleep in his pack and play.  In fact, he would only ever sleep tucked up in Matt’s arm.  It took a while to break him of this once we settled in here.  I am happy to say he sleeps in his own bed now :)  Spencer however, is a story for another day.

We were so happy to see green again!

Our favorite place to stay was Motel 6.  They all have recently been renovated and all look like they belong in an Ikea showroom.

Motel 6 is inexpensive and it was nice to know that we could count on them to be clean, even if only because they had just been gutted.

Katie made the best of the drive.

Most of the drive looked like this.

Towards the end of our journey we got a call from Matt’s parents.  The oil line on the Penske truck had exploded.  Awesome.  They had all of our stuff and a plane to catch two days later and were stuck.  This all happened in the middle of the night and we didn’t find out about it until the morning of our final day driving.  Apparently the truck, which had been a rough ride to begin with, bit the bullet shortly after they left Indiana.  Penske (who we will continue to use whenever we can) put them up in a hotel, hired movers and transferred all of our stuff from one truck into another.  We were really nervous about this because we packed that thing as tight as it could be packed and we had little faith that they would be able to get everything in.  Fortunately the newer truck was also taller, so the movers had some room to work with.  With a flat tire and exploded oil line, poor Penske didn’t make anything on our move!

We rolled into New Jersey after five or six day of driving.  I was so happy to see our house!  Nine hours later Matt’s parents drove up in the new bright and shiny truck.


The truck that Matt had meticulously planned and packed looked like this when we opened it up.

Awesome!  Not only did everything look like it had been thrown in there, but the mattresses that HAD been packed at the back of the truck for easy access were now at the front of the truck and would be the last thing we could unpack.

We were in for a long night of sleeping on the floor.  While everyone else camped out in the hallway upstairs (the only carpeted area in the house) my pregnant self started out on the recliner and ended up on a pile of laundry.  Long… LONG  night.

The next day Matt and his parents unloaded the truck as only super hero’s could while I did what I could putting things away, etc.  My body not yet acknowledging the comparative bliss of my 2nd trimester and my belly being far too big to carry heavy boxes up the stairs, I was basically left feeling useless and lazy even though there wasn’t much I could do about it.  I tried to make sense of this instead.

Oddly enough, even with the contents of our truck looking like it did, everything was in perfect condition and accounted for.  We had far more damage to our things in our previous move (in which we used ABF).  We will still be using Penske from now on whenever possible!

THANK YOU again to Matt’s parents for helping.  We could not have done it without them.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cari says:

    Moves are so much fun! Thank goodness it was his parents who had the truck trouble and not you with your little ones on board… This move will be our easiest, I don’t have to load a single thing myself or drive a trailer or truck, just board the plane and hope it all makes it off the boat ;)


  2. Heather B says:

    Holy cow!!! Glad you made it!


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