I’m tired.  It’s 5:00 and I have no desire to make dinner (what else is new :) )

I went to the gym this morning where I spent 30 minutes in the pool.  30 blissful minutes where my back and legs didn’t ache and where it didn’t feel like I would collapse at any moment.

Jack took a nap for the first time in five days.  It was wonderful.

I took advantage of his nap to force Emma to practice riding her bike (we just moved up a size and she is a little scared) and to work on this:

Anyone want to guess what it is?

I tried using the circular saw. It stopped working last time I used it and I thought it had just overheated and needed a break.  Nope.  It’s dead.  I’m thinking about getting this one

But I REALLY want this and I don’t know that I will need both


The last two nights I have woken up to really painful contractions.  I have to lay there wincing until it goes away so I can go to the bathroom.

On the bright side I am down to half a Unisom for my morning sickness.  It is SO nice to wake up in the morning and not feel drugged like when I have to take a whole one.

I met one of my neighbors today.  She is very nice.  Her husband is trying to gain citizenship (he’s from England) and can’t.  Apparently there is no actual way to enforce the rules and regs for legal immigration.  So basically someone can be denied citizenship because the ICE officer is having a bad day.  Did you know you are trying to immigrate from an allied country of the US you have to waive all of your rights.  Where if you are trying to immigrate from a nation that is hostile to the US you are allowed to keep your rights.  The ICE officer actually told them that if he had just come across the border illegally he would be able to stay, but since he didn’t they are trying to deport him.  They literally have ICE officers following and tracking their every move.  They have been married for years and have three children (she and the kids are all natural born citizens).  I can’t tell you how angry this makes me.  I feel another political post coming on.

We cannot seem to decide a name for this boy.  We thought we had one picked out but it never felt right to call him that.  So we’re trying a new one out.  It feels just as weird but we aren’t sure if that is because it’s not his name or because it’s new.

I got another book in the mail to review today.  I LOVE that I get to read all of these wonderful things!  This is one of two in my pipeline that is geared more towards older kids.  I’ve been reading one to Lucy and so far she has been loving it.

My aunt came to visit this past weekend.  It was so nice to see her and spend some time with her.  She brought her dogs and the kids just loved having her and the dogs here.

I told Spencer that if he slept in his own bed then after two weeks I would get him an action figure (I had just changed the sheets in the guest room and I really didn’t want to change the sheets again).  He’s been GREAT so far!

I have been working on my first video tutorial.  I really hate my profile.  I have not enough chin (actual chin) and too much chin (of the double variety).  On the other hand my voice sounded much better than I had expected.  When I was listening back to it I discovered I have an accent!  Some words just come out not the way I am used to hearing them.  Weird.


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