The Secret Sisters Club


 The older my daughter gets older the less I seem to be able to understand her.  You would think that being a girl myself would help me sympathize, but it is not the case.  It seems the 21 years that have passed since I myself have been a ‘tween has placed an understanding barrier between us.

I don’t read many books where the protagonist is a ‘tween so I didn’t know what to expect when I read The Secret Sisters Club: A Ginnie West Adventure.  Ginnie West is a twelve year old girl who loves horses, riding, and her best friend Tillie.  Raised by her widower father, uncle, great uncle, and cousins, Ginnie is surrounded by love and feels no sense of loneliness or longing for a “normal” family.  Tillie, on the other hand, feels that life with only her mother leaves much to be desired.  The two girls hatch a plan to get their parents to fall in love with each other so they can be sisters in more than just their hearts.  Things are going just as planned when Ginnie discovers her mother’s old journals; sparking an intense desire to know about her mother and question whether or not she wants someone else standing in her place.

If the Wests were real, I would want to be their next door neighbors.  The people in The Secret Sisters Club are the kind of people that make this country great.  Ginnie and Tillie both have non-tradtitional family situations but they were clearly loved by all of the adults in their lives.  While Ginnie’s dad was certainly the main authority figure, her uncles, aunts all pitched in to make sure she had all of the appropriate role models.  What stuck out to me the most is that love doesn’t always manifest itself they way you might expect.  For example, Ginnie’s dad Todd, is a devoted and loving father who works hard and to see to it that Ginnie wants for nothing, but he doesn’t spoil her.  She has to work hard too and he does not put up with Ginnie’s pre-teen temper tantrums.  Ginnie, with all of the wisdom of a twelve year old, doesn’t always recognize her father’s love.

As a parent I can see a bigger picture than my children can.  I want them to reach their potential and be the best they can be.  I want them to be successful and happy but they won’t be either of those things if they can’t learn responsibility, accountability and patience.  Having dealt with my fair share of emotional ‘tween-age drama (once is too many as far as I’m concerned) I can truly appreciate the parent-child dynamic in The Secret Sisters Club.

The Secret Sisters Club is definitely a cute story and I am looking forward to reading the next two books in the series to my girls.  You can buy the kindle editions on or (even better) if you would like an autographed copy you can order directly from Monique :)

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//{Disclaimer: I received this book for my family in exchange for a review, I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.}


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