The Romney Family Table {Review}


The Romney Family Table cookbook is not your average cookbook… well, it IS average in the sense that it is currently covered with bits of food and unidentified sticky goo… but as far as CONTENT is concerned, it’s not your average cookbook :)

I love food.  You know I love food.  I might not post many recipes but my many weight loss posts should give you a glimmer in to the depth of my love of food.  In fact, I just had TWO orange rolls that Lucy made me (I shouldn’t have… I know… I shouldn’t have… I’m already regretting it.  Diet starts tomorrow!)

The Romney Family Table cookbook is exactly WHY I love food so much.  Food means so much more than fuel for your body.  It means “Peace. Comfort. Safety. Love.”  There is a reason why the phrase “home-cooked meal” evokes feelings of warmth, comfort, and a sense that all is right in the world.  On the first page, Ann says this:

Home was where good things happened, where I was not just warm on the outside but also on the inside.

The kitchen was the warmest room of all, probably because during most of my day at home, my mom was at the center of it.  She came from a long line of good cooks – women who not only knew how to prepare a good meal but also believed that preparing a good meal was doing something important.  Cooking for them was not a meaningless chore; it was part of the most important occupation on earth: raising a family.

She gets it.  Ann Romney is a Mother.  She understands that even though motherhood is filled with diapers, dishes, and drudgery that it is also filled with kisses, hugs, snuggles, and other moments that let you know that you have the best and most fulfilling job in the history of the world.  She knows that “no success can compensate for failure in the home”.

Ann compiled her favorite family recipes (including the recipes passed down to her by her mother), stories from her life, and wisdom.  She REALLY is just like us.  When her boys were growing up her days were filled with cooking, laundry, chauffeuring, cleaning, and trying to wrangle five boys (I only have three boys and I can tell you it’s a CHORE!) and she would often have to do it alone.  Mitt traveled a lot with work and when he would hear the boys in the background he would say, “What you are doing is more important than what i am doing.  You’re raising the kids who will be part of our lives forever; I’m just trying to earn the money to pay the bills”.


I know that Ann may have seemed very prim and proper when she and her husband were all over TV, but after reading this you will learn that Ann has a bit of a sassy streak.  After telling us how she once came home to find one of her boys covered in marshmallow fluff she said, “The Fluff on Craig’s face didn’t cause me ban the gooey stuff from the house.  Nor did the fact that it has zero nutritional value.  Mayor Bloomberg probably has Fluff high on his list of substances to be banned in New York City  – which, for me, would be an added incentive to keep it around.”

Um… Ann is my new best friend.  At least she would be if she would ever return my calls (jk, like they would give me her number) ;)

I have to be perfectly honest.  The value in this book is far more then the recipes scattered throughout the pages.  It’s the stories that matter to me.  Like how she use to put her boys to bed fully dressed so they could get to church on time Sunday morning (SO trying that), the stories from her ancestors, when her dad caught the two of them kissing, or their holiday traditions.  The first several pages especially are like a hug from a friend saying, “I’ve BEEN there!  Chin up!  It gets better!”

This isn’t to say the recipes aren’t valuable (or delicious!).  I don’t think I have ever had better biscuits… and I already mentioned the orange rolls (*burp* two? make that three)… There are countless healthy (and a few not so healthy) recipes that scream “comfort food”… but it’s the stories that do it for me.  I just loved reading about her family life and seeing the pictures of what is clearly a wonderful family legacy.  I can dream about an alternate reality where Mitt won the presidency, but Ann is doing her part to make a difference where it really matters… in the home.



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