Billion Clicks – My Clicker Experiment

A few years ago I went to Time Out For Women for the first time.  I got to see and hear a wonderful collection of inspiring men and women speak to us.  One of the speakers/performers was Hilary Weeks.  She had just released her Every Step album with the feature song being Beautiful Heartbreak (I dare you to get through it without crying).

Hilary would get up there in front of everyone and tell us a story and sing us one of her new songs.  You wouldn’t necessarily know from her albums, but Hilary is hilarious!  Beautiful, talented, soft spoken AND funny.. I don’t know whether to love her or hate her (just kidding, love… totally love!)  Without a doubt the most memorable story was when she told us about her Clicker Experiment.  Rather than butcher the story, I’ll just let her tell it:

Awesome, right (Cheerios, LOL!)?  Since then the clicker experiment has exploded into and has been empowering us to use the power of positive thought in our lives.  It really is AMAZING how thinking positively can change your life.  We all know how quickly something negative can ruin your day, but far too few people recognize that things can be turned around just as quickly with positive thought.  It is truly amazing.


A few weeks ago Hilary sent me a clicker for me to experiment with.  I was really excited to try it.  The morning I was going to start clicking we gathered in the front room like we usually do for our Family Reunion.  We watched this video when I had a stroke of inspiration:

I needed to make this clicker experiment a family affair but since I can’t read everyone’s mind we clicked our positive deeds.  It is my job to mold my children into selfless, kind, and proactive adults.  So we all sat down at the table and I showed them my yellow clicker.  I let each of them hold it, click it, and then I told them what we were going to do.

Every action we take has the potential to either help someone or hurt someone.  I had unfortunately seen far too many “hurtful” things creep into our daily interactions with each other.  A dirty look, a whispered remark, or sometimes just ignoring a sibling looking for recognition.  We talked over several different situations that we find ourselves in daily and talk about which reactions are helpful and which are hurtful.  The kids were all on board and we started clicking!

The atmosphere in our home changed almost immediately!  Now I will be the first to admit that my kids are REALLY good kids, but sometimes our boys are a little overly rambunctious and our girls can be dramatic.  One thing goes not according to plan and Lucy will spend the rest of the day moping around and snapping at her siblings.  Not conducive to a happy home.  Clicking changed that!  She could easily see how her dirty looks were harmful and quickly began to snap out of her funk more easily.  Emma, who is prone to overreaction, stopped whining and started thinking things through.  Spencer was more proactive than I had ever seen.  Even Jack fed off of the happy energy in the home.

I wasn’t able to click every “help” because I am just not capable of observing every single interaction between my children, but when I saw something I said something… and I clicked.  We would set goals and always tried to click more than the day before.  We didn’t always succeed but the most helpful deeds we had in one day was 76.  76 instances of my kids doing their chores without complaining, playing nicely with each other, and going out of their way to cheer each other up.  I don’t know whether that seems like a lot or a little to you and I honestly don’t know whether that would be considered good in any other household, but for me it was far less about the number than the spirit in our home.  During the days that we clicked, regardless of whether we clicked 7 or 70 times, were much more harmonious than on the days we didn’t.  Actively acknowledging my kid’s good deeds (large and small) inspired them to do more.  Service begets service.  This whole experiment was especially miraculous because it directly coincided with the elimination of cash payment of their chores.  So we took away their money and things STILL went well!

This sounds like a fabulous way to kick off the Thanksgiving season!


The clicker kits come in eight different colors and comes with:

  • Beautiful and inspirational packaging
  • Choose the clicker color in your kit
  • Wristband
  • Introduction to clicking booklet
  • Think Happy sticker
  • Design your own sticker
  • Free positivity pack download when you enter your clicks

You can buy a clicker kit for $11.95 but if you use the code COURTNEY668 order before Nov 30 you can get a free clicker, wristband, and sticker :)  Two clickers for the price of one?   Sounds good to me and these would make excellent stocking stuffers and a great way to start the new year :)  Use it to count your positive thoughts or be creative like I was and do what works to enrich your life and family.



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