Christmas From Heaven {Review}


 Every night after the kids have put on their jammies and brushed their teeth we gather together to listen to Matt read to us.  I just love watching them huddle around him, each trying to find the ideal seat that allows them to see the pictures, yet also keep Jack from yelling (not an easy feat).  Tonight they gathered around to listen to Christmas From Heaven: The True Story of the Berlin Candy Bomber.

In 1948, shortly after World War II, Gail (Hal) Halvorsen, a young army pilot, chanced upon some curious children during a routine food drop mission.  Stalin had blocked road and rail access to Berlin and the people were starving.  Through “Operation Vittles” the US supplied food to the Berlin residents by bringing flour and other food by plane.  In fact, they had so many planes doing this, and were so efficient in their organization, that at one point they had planes landing every forty seconds.  When Hal spoke with these children his heart went out to them, and what started with two sticks of gum ended with 18 tons of candy made by American candy makers.  The children, having been traumatized by war and living in bombed out homes, found the candy falling from the sky to be Heaven sent.  With every piece of chocolate a child’s spirits were lifted, and they were able to enjoy their childhood just a little bit more, even in such pitiful circumstances.

The book is filled with beautiful illustrations mixed in with photographs of Hal, the children, the airplanes, the post-war Berlin landscape, and even thank you letters from the children.  Christmas From Heaven is a very heartwarming story that honors our veterans and shows how, even though we may fight for opposite sides, we really aren’t all that different from each other.

While I’ve got you here I want to tell you about another Christmas appropriate product.  The Biblical Names Ornament Set is a set of lightweight, metal star ornaments with twelve of the names of which Christ is known in the bible.  There are the common names that we have heard before (especially around this time of year): Prince of Peace, King of Kings, Lamb of God; but also some less common names that made me ponder His character and divinity: Living Water, Bread of Life, The Light.


The ornaments are beautifully packed and the back of the box contains the scripture references that you will be able to find the names used.  These make a wonderful addition to a Christmas tree and would be the perfect gift for those who are trying to keep the true meaning of Christmas close to their hearts.





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