Creative Pregnancy

Every time I get pregnant I find that I come up with a new pregnancy induced creative obsession (apparently creating a human isn’t “creative” enough to keep my brain happy).  With Spencer it was scrapbooking, with Henry it was carpentry.  This time it’s photography.

I recently got a new camera and have been itching to play around with it!  I was able to get a whopping TWO sessions (one with each of my girls) before the rains came.  It’s been raining all week here and the sun is out only long enough for me to grab my camera.  By the time I make it to the front door the sun has retreated and threatening clouds have once again won the power play.

That being said I’ve been able to get a few good inside shots as I practice getting my exposure right for shooting indoors with natural light.

Here are my sweet girls during my two days of sunlight.  I think the different staging complemented their personalities nicely :)  Lucy is far more serious and loves the “glamour” of dressing up.



Emma, on the other hand, is much more playful and sassy.  Not to mention the fact that she wouldn’t let me near her with a curling iron :)



Jack was my only willing subject inside.  I had read recently that one of the best ways to photograph children is by just letting them be.  I asked Jack to come into the front room, opened the curtains, turned off the incandescent lights and let him be Jack.


I love how he smiles with his whole face!


He sure loves his yellow Bumblebee :)


Then one day after we came home from the gym Jack sat next to me on the couch and fell asleep.  I knew he must not be feeling well.  Spencer, being the big brother that he is, made a bed for him on the floor in the living room.  I was able to capture my sick little boy laying on the bed his brother made for him.


Don’t be surprised if I end up posting a LOT of pictures of my kids in the near future :)


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  1. Amy says:

    What kind of camera did you get? I just got a new one too. It isn’t very fancy, but it is so nice to have a working camera again.


    1. I just upgraded to a Nikon D5300 from a D40X. I’ve had a DSLR for six years and have been shooting in manual for three (no way I could get these shots shooting on auto). I’ve also got some killer lenses that allow me to capture that beautiful background blur


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