3rd Grade Curriculum Plans

3th Grade Curriculum Plans

Thought I’d post my homeschool curriculum plans for the next school year, which will start in the next month or so.
Lucy is 8 years old, and will turn 9 in December.  If we were using grade levels in homeschool she would be in 3rd grade.
We use Math U See.  She will just keep plugging away.  She’s currently almost finished with Beta and will move onto Gamma when she is done.  We also use Math-It and a variety of other games.
We use a combination of lists from The Original Blue Back Speller,  All About Spelling and spelling lists created from misspelled words in letters and stories that she has written.  She’ll be on All About Spelling level 3.
Creative Writing
Lucy writes quite a bit on her own.  She likes to write her own stories and poetry.  But she also will write about history the other lessons that we have so that we can gauge her understanding.
She will start on First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind: Level 3.  For vocabulary we are just using Matt’s old Barron’s GRE book.  It might be a little on the complex side, but it’s a great start.  We also look up any words that she doesn’t know in our Dictionary of the English Language.
Lucy loves to read.  All I have to do is keep enough books within arms reach.  I’ll do what I can to encourage books focusing on whatever history or science we are studying, but I won’t force it on her.  As long as she got it from our bookshelves, I’m happy.
Also, Shakespeare will make his debut in our home (ok, he’s not totally unknown around here, but it will be an official part of our studies).  We use a combination of Shakespeare Can Be Fun and Tales from Shakespeare.  After I screen them to see the morbidity, we may have her watch some of the plays, but that will have to be on a case by case basis.
We are currently working on Human Anatomy.  We will be continuing on with that until we finish.  For this we use a hodge podge of materials.  I have so far used the Human Body unit studies from Homeschool Bits as well as various projects from Teacher’s Book Bag.  We also use supplemental resources such as Apologia’s Human Anatomy, First Human Body Encyclopedia, Blood and Guts, and Science With Me and whatever else we can get our hands on.
When we are done we will be moving on to Botany (hopefully, just in time for our garden harvest) and Astronomy after that.  I think that will keep us plenty occupied this year.  I’ll post books and resources for those as we get to them.
US History
I am an unapologetic Patriot.  So for me and my house, we study American History every year.  It is it’s own subject and it put into the rotation as it’s own subject separate from world history.  This year we plan on covering the Discovery up through the Revolution.  Among other things, we will mostly be using American History Stories You Never Read in School, I Love America Series and a few other things.
We are using a lot of supplemental resources for this one, so I’ve uploaded my schedule here for anyone who would like it.  I have linked to the cheapest place to buy all of the books I mention.  And just so you don’t get too overwhelmed, I’ve broken it down into chapters so there really aren’t as many books as it looks.  I don’t have any kids books on the Treaty of Paris or the Articles of Confederation, so if you know of any, let me know.
***Disclaimer*** I haven’t read a lot of these books.  I do endorse some of them, but not all of them.  I am basing my selections on suggestions and what is available at my library.  Decide what you want to use based on your values and goals.
This year we will be focusing on the Middle Ages and using Story of the World and Mystery of History in tandem.  I’m also toying with the idea of getting Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation & Epistles.  You can never have too much history in my opinion 🙂
US Geography
I’ll be using Confession’s of a Homeschooler’s Road Trip USA and I Love the States by Kimber Curriculum.
World Geography
We’ll be using Expedition Earth by Confession’s of a Homeschooler (I love her) and Galloping the Globe.
Lucy will restart her lessons each week.  We use John Schmidt’s note reading method.  I’ve only given her two lessons thus far, but she can already play with two hands and is better than me (which is why we have to restart it, because I need to get my act in gear and do my own lessons).
We are also going to start listening to the works of one composer at a time as well as learning about their lives. I’ve only chosen a few so far, I’m open to suggestions.

  • Mozart
  • Chopin
  • Vivaldi
  • Tchaikovsky
  • Handel
  • John Williams
  • Beethoven
  • Rimsky-Korsakov

We will also spend a bit of time on the different instruments, though not as much time as we’ll spend on the composers.
We will be starting picture study, focusing on one artist’s works and life at a time.  I’m also open to suggestions for artists.  When possible I’d like to keep them appropriate to the time period of our history studies.  I’m sure I won’t have any problem finding enough artists to study considering the Renaissance and all.
Foreign Languages
Currently Lucy is only working on Latin.  We use Song School Latin.  Once she is finished with that we’ll move on to Latin for Children Level 1 or Song School Greek depending on what she would like to do.  We also English from the Roots Up.  I know some might not consider those foreign languages, but it will be a lot easier for her to grasp a foreign language later on if she knows the roots.
Life Skills
In our morning meetings, in addition to prayers and scripture study we go through The 21 Rules of This House focusing on one rule a week.  I’ll also be adding Etiquette into the rotation.
I’ll be helping Lucy improve her kitchen skills.  She also wants to work more on sewing.  I’ll have her mend things that need it, though I’m not quite ready to let her use the sewing machine.  She’ll also continue to try her hands at things she learns from Homestead Blessings.  Lucy will continue her role as “Teacher’s Aid” by giving Emma and Spencer lessons as needed.  She is also quite the Mama’s helper and will continue in that role as well.  Lucy will be increasing her “read aloud” time because I feel it is important for her to practice her articulation and public speaking confidence.  She will do this by reading more to the kids and to me as well as reading scriptures during family scripture time.
Lucy will also start a mini-homekeeping book.  I have one where I keep all of my goodies (bills, favorite recipes, calendars, cleaning lists, workout schedule, menu, craft ideas, book lists, goals etc).  She is going to start one too, a simplified and personalized version of course.  Hopefully I can impart some organizational skills that will help her out when she gets older.  I got the idea for it at Homegrown Mom.  My book has been a life-safer for me, I think it will really help her out as well.
Health/Physical Education
As far as health is concerned, this is something we do on a daily basis by talking about of food choices and why they are (or aren’t) healthy.  I take the kids on a run several times a week, they ride bikes along side me while I push the stroller.  Lucy has been known and enjoys running along side me as well.  And soccer season starts in September.

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