A Day at the Beach

Well I think I’ve earned my “Good Mom” award for the week. This morning I let kids watch TV so that I could clean the kitchen, when that was done I threw them outside and we sat in the sun and played in the pool. After that, I piled them all into the stroller (Lucy and Emma took turns walking and at one point Spencer was in the sling and both girls rode) and we walked at whopping two miles to Matt’s office for lunch. And there was a KILLER hill that I had to push three children up. Upon arrival, I was bombarded with “oh my”s and “what were you thinking”s and “it’s 90 degrees outside”s, “what about heatstroke?”s from the assistants and hygienists. I went upstairs to find Matt reading his scriptures and he was surprised and happy to see me. He and is boss both said they thought it was great that I walked in. He also told me that he only had one more patient for the day and that after that we could go to the beach… and we did. Then we came home and after ice cream cones for dinner I quickly whisked them off to the bath and then bed. Matt has gone off with his boss to some boat thing (boys) and I am ready for girls night to start. They should start arriving and minute now ๐Ÿ™‚

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