A Day in the Life

Well, Spencer has been a super grump all day long. Emma hasn’t gone to the bathroom once (in spite of my generously giving her fluids and having her sit on the pot).

My house was clean by 11, demolished by 2, clean again by 4 and a wreck again by the time Matt got home around 7. I just hope he realizes it’s a different mess than the one that wished him farewell this morning.

I am so excited to be on to round 2 for the Teacher’s Pet program. I’m super nervous about it. A great many of the others are also current designers at other stores. I’ve only been at it for a month. How will I ever compete????

On the bright side. I have finally started to pick up at PDW. I have made 3 or 4 sales. Tender is the Sea is definitely the most popular. I’ve made enough to knock out our TV bill for this month! How cool is that!

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