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Adam Teaching Jack to Do The Dishes

Getting the kids to do their chores isn’t the easiest thing in the world.  And it seems like every time they come back from their dad’s house, I have to re-train them.  It’s not that they learn bad habits while they are there, but taking 3 consecutive months off of your regular chores would mess with anyone.

When they got home from the summer, Adam bought a set of Fiestaware dishes for each child and ourselves.  Each set is a different color.  The idea (as I’m sure you can predict), is to have each kid always wash their own dishes.

It’s slow going, but they are learning.  Especially because Adam is consistent at reminding them to wash their dishes (consistency is not my forte).  Even the little ones are learning how to wash things by hand.  After every use, their dish gets washed, dried, and put away back where it belongs.

It’s not the first time someone has had this particular idea, but it’s certainly been the first time I didn’t have to be the one policing the situation.  And I am LOVING it!

I saw it happening after church today, grabbed my phone and got this picture before anyone noticed.

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