Ah, relax.

Thursday night Matt and I were up until 1 in the morning getting more and more work done on the house.  He took Thursday off, so we had the whole day to work (minus the hour he took to pick up and drop off the missionaries who came to help us a with heavy stuff.

I painted doors, doorknobs (several coats each) and and I mudded, sanded and painted the stairwell ceiling (the other one).  I also shampooed the carpets and cleaned cleaned cleaned.
After the kids went to bed I joined Matt up in the attic.  He had put in half of the baseboard molding, installed carpet on the stairs (reused from when we replaced the living room with pergo) and was working on the second door to the eves when I went up there.  I did my best to clean around him, sweeping several times as he kept creating sawdust.  Moved around as much furniture as I could and stacking the trash.  By the end of the night, we had turned the disaster area that was the attic, back into the school room that I love.
Friday morning I dragged myself out of bed and was able to clean/scrub the things that I didn’t have time for the day before (kitchen and master bedroom).  Our home was a sight to behold!  Absolutely lovely (as long as you didn’t look in closets or the basement).
Our realtor came over by 10:30 and we spent the next three hours moving around props and de-cluttering the things we can’t yet put in storage and so the pictures are going to look magnificent.  But don’t be fooled when you see them.  Our kitchen is an impeccable model, but the dining room table is filled with the pots and pans, appliances, cereal and confiscated toys that we usually usually are stacked on top of the cabinets.  It’s like that in almost every shot.  If only you could see behind the camera!
Anyway, after he left, though our list of things to do isn’t totally completed, the rest of us spent the day relaxing.  My aching back and pinched nerve in my shoulder especially insisted that I sit/lay down for the duration.
Today we are going to take a much needed trip to bangor to stock up on supplies we need.  We are going to treat the kids to The Princess and the Frog while we’re there.  I may pick up a paintbrush on Monday and Matt may just have the stomach to go back to his saw.  But not until then.

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