Ah, relax.

I finally found myself with a quiet moment to post when, as I wrote the title, Lucy and Emma came stomping up the front porch. So we’ll see how long until I have to call it quits.

We are back now. We got back Sunday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed our time away. But I was SO ready to be home. After my last post about it, we spent another day or so with Mary Ann and David. They took the kids to the beach for us one afternoon so Matt and I were able to have a few hours of quiet time, which was really nice. THANK YOU SO MUCH, GUYS!!

When Thursday rolled around we packed up the kiddos and returned to Hanscom AFB. We went to the track a few more times, we went swimming at the pool and we continued to drool over active duty life at the base. We didn’t do anything exciting, but it was pretty relaxing πŸ™‚

Saturday, we drove over to Belmont and I had the great privilege of starting the temple work for my Grandma Courtney. Matt was outside with the children and read to them while I went in. I’ve never been so excited and so touched as I have gone through the temple for someone. It was just a wonderful experience. It was also nice because I saw several people from our Branch while there (turns out it was a stake temple trip.)

On Sunday we went to church. Spencer proved to be just as disruptive there as he is at home. And 20 minutes into sacrament meeting Matt and I took turns taking him out into the hall because he was screaming to to go nursery. But all in all, it was great to be in a big ward again, even if it was for just one Sunday.

What was the worst part of my trip? I forgot the camera AND the point and shoot that Matt keeps in his backpack was broken.

It’s good to be home again. Summer is finally here so it’s hotter than heck (for Maine). I’ve spent the last few days trying to scour my house from top to bottom in preparation for school on Monday. I sent in the letter of intent to the school board and am trying to get all of my ducks in a row, though I admit that, like everything else in live, I will never be perfectly organized or absolutely ready to go. But come rain or shine… school starts in earnest on Monday morning, whether I have everything perfect or not πŸ™‚ I can’t wait, it will be nice to get back into a routine again.

And my hives are gone πŸ™‚

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