I am sitting outside (as we speak) writing this blog post. It has been raining since my American Idol audition. FOREVER! Now I am a big fan of the rain. I LOVED Seattle and am counting the days until we can return to that Garden of Eden, but I had just about had my fill. The sun broke through yesterday long enough for Matt to ride his new motorcycle to his branch presidency meeting.

And I am basking in the sunlight now. Refusing to take my son inside because I NEED this. The sun feels so different on your skin than any other kind of warmth. I love the baking feeling on my hands as I type (as opposed to the burning feeling I’m getting on my legs from an overly warm laptop).

We spent $140 this morning on strawberries. I was waiting at the fruit stand as Tates drove up and started to unload. The ones you can buy from the store taste worse the closer we get to strawberry season here. So much so, that a gallon of cream and four cups of sugar wasn’t enough to save the last two batches I bought from the store and I had to throw them out. I’m going to make Jam! And we are going to Bucksport on Monday to pick some more.

I also stopped at J and P farms market on the way home from buying more strawberries than I can afford. I bought New Zealand Apples and local tomatoes. The NZ apples were worth it, they are in prime picking season down there and they are fresh. Even Lucy commented that these apples tastes SO much better than the ones from the store. It makes me want a lot of land to have my own little farm and orchard. But I’m not willing to spend that much time on it.

I was in such a “local health food” mood this morning that I was SO close to going to Smith Family Farms to pick up a gallon of fresh raw milk. But then I remembered that Matt has guard this weekend, so he can get milk for $1.89 a gallon as opposed to $8. Who cares if it’s better for you and tastes SOOOO much better. Now that we are buying toothpaste, I need to make up the money somewhere!

Alas, as they say in Maine “if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute”. The clouds are closing over my head and the baking feeling has been replaced with a chill. The girls have long since gone inside and Spencer is begging for help off of the trampoline. Time to be a mom again.

Wait! I’m baking again! Ahhh…..

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