Almost… but not quite

I’m sure you are all wondering how well my “Almost Vegan” lifestyle has been treating me. As expected, the decrease of meat, cheese and milk has been extremely beneficial to my gastric life.

I can now predict with almost complete certainty when I will get nauseous and when I will not. I seem to be ok if I have cheese or milk once or twice a day, but ONLY in small amounts and ONLY when it is not the main part of the dish.

For example:

A tomato based sauce with a little cream in it over vegetables for dinner? Good.
One piece of string cheese before dinner? BAD!

Baked potato with a “I can’t believe it’s not butter” spray and a LITTLE cheese on it? Good.
Chicken taco with cheese AND a bunch of sour cream? BAD!

Turkey sandwich with cheese, miracle whip, lettuce and tomato on a sandwich thin? So far so good.
Ice cream I will eat as soon as the kids are down for their naps? BAD!

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