An Ugh Monday

Nothing like rushing around to get the kids out the door for a 9 am play date at the indoor playground to hopefully meet some new homeschooling friends, all the while fearing that they will hate me because I’m Mormon only to show up and discover they aren’t meeting today.

Oh well, they played for over an hour while I sat in a comfy glider, read my scriptures and played “line up” on my ipod.

Unfortunately, I got to bed late last night because of my nap and am really tired this morning.  I see myself griping throughout the day and the kids having an extra long quiet time.  And little Speck is being a big pain… literally.

It would all be worth it when Matt came home in his blues tonight at 4:45, but due circumstances beyond my understanding, he is working 12 hour days all this week AND had to wear his ABU’s today (which makes no sense since he has to change into scrubs as soon as he gets to work anyway, but whatever.)

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