November 11

Ancient History

I have found a wonderful resource to assist perfectly in with our Ancient History curricula this year.

You MUST get it.  At only $4.50 you MUST get it

We were studying King Josiah and after reading our lesson, we put the second DVD in the DVD player and watched a 10 or 15 minute movie depicting King Josiah and what he is best known for.  Lucy and Emma were so cute “Look!  He’s destroying the idols!” and “Look, he’s tearing his clothes!  He’s so angry!”  I was especially taken when Lucy showed concern that the creators had actually made golden idols for the movie.  I explained that it wasn’t the thing itself that was the problem, it was the people that was the problem.  That an idol was anything that you made more important then God, be it money, sports, people or a golden statue.

You MUST get it.  And for those of you who are not LDS, there is very little (though there is some) that is unique to LDS beliefs.

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