Another Attack on the Family

This will be the third post on attacks on my family coming from the UN and those who work for them.
The first was about the UN Committee for the Rights of the Child.  Then was the recent report on Right to Education (which you responded to wonderfully by the way) and this one is called Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.
You will notice that the names of all of these things sound very positive and necessary.  The truth is that they are all detrimental to the family.
Family Watch International wrote a great report on the CEDAW and I urge you to read it.  I will quote from throughout my post for you who are short on time (though realistically, it’s only two pages, and the actual CEDAW treaty is much longer, so the report is for those short on time).
For those of you who don’t know.  A country can sign a UN treaty.  When they do that, they are saying “OK, I like where this is going, I may or may not have some issues with it, lets address those, but I am not making any promises as to whether I will follow this or like it at all in the future.”
When a country “ratifies” a treaty, it become national law.
The US signed the CEDAW treaty several years ago.  During the “Lame Duck” session of congress, the current majority is trying to ramrod ratification of the CEDAW before they have to hand over the reigns to the new majority.
It’s kind of like saying “well clearly, since I haven’t been reelected, the people don’t actually like what has been going on and what I have been supporting.  So I am going to do AS MUCH AS I CAN and push MY agenda before I don’t have any more power.  Screw the people.”
Some of you may not like that I said that.  That little red X in the corner of your screen will take you away from my blog and my opinions and my thoughts.  Get your own blog.  Problem solved.
I recently wrote a post for a homeschooling blog that I contribute to entitled We are Here! We are Here!  We are Here! In it, I mentioned how I feel oppressed.  Then I said
“But let me be perfectly clear.  I do not feel oppressed by my husband, my family, my friends, my chosen role as a woman, my church or my God.  Oddly enough, I am oppressed by those who would claim to be my liberators.”
These are my “liberators”.
The CEDAW has been called “the ERA on steroids” because it would intrude into virtually every area of family life including an all-out assault on motherhood, life, religion, family roles and parental rights.
Some examples:
• The CEDAW preamble calls for “a change in the traditional role of men as well as the role of women in society and in the family.”
• Article V requires ratifying countries “to modify the social and cultural patterns of conduct of men and women…with a view to achieving the elimination…of all other practices which are based on…stereotyped roles for men and women.” “Motherhood” is clearly one of these “stereotyped roles for women” that CEDAW seeks to eliminate.
• Ratifying it is a sneaky way to get the U.S. to support the adoption of the ERA because CEDAW also requires ratifying countries to “embody the principle of the equality of men and women in their national constitution or other appropriate legislation.”
Now before you start composing a nasty comment or email, hear me out.  I am in NO way saying that we shouldn’t be treated as equals.  All people, man, woman, black, white and purple are equally important, deserve equal respect, should have equal opportunity to reach their potential and are equally Children of God.  God has no “red-headed step child”.  And for those of you who don’t believe in God.  No, I don’t think that “society as a whole” should have “red-headed step children” either.  And if that does exist in our country, no amount of legislation will fix it.  All it will do is increase the various shades of red hair.
And for those of you who think that it isn’t a big deal, that these things are important and good for our country, here are a few examples of  mandates that the UN CEDAW compliance committee has issued to ratifying countries:
• Recommended “the decriminalization of prostitution in China.”
• Told Mexico to “address the matter of whether it intends to legalize prostitution” and urged it to provide “access to rapid and easy abortion.”
• Told the Czech Republic, it was concerned about their “over-protective measures for pregnancy and motherhood.”
• Told Belarus it was “concerned by the continuing prevalence of sex-role stereotypes and by the reintroduction of such symbols as a Mothers’ Day and a Mothers’ Award, which it sees as encouraging women’s traditional roles.”
• Criticized Slovenia because “less than 30 percent of children under three years of age…were in formal day care.”
These are the people who consider me a leech on society because I spend my time teaching my kids (you know, the FUTURE of the world) instead of behind a desk all day.  I already have to deal with constant criticism from peers and relatives who think I’m wasting my life and talent on my family.  Do I really need it from my government?  From “The Land of the Free”?  Under the CEDAW, I will no longer be free.
Another thing that the CEDAW (and a lot of people) does is completely ignore basic science, history and common sense!
We do not live in a genderless society.  Men and women are NOT the same.  And it’s not just about the plumbing either.  Matt and I are successful as human beings because we work together.  He makes me a better woman and I make him a better man.
Yes, I am perfectly capable of doing everything he can do just as he is perfectly capable of doing everything that I can do (and I draw the line at three comments on peeing standing up or giving birth, we all know that is not what I’m talking about).  But he IS better at somethings.  And I am better at other things.  We very rarely have anything that we both equally excel at.  That’s why we work together.
Sure I could build a bookcase or fix the car if I wanted to.  And I could certainly chop a couple cords of wood if the need arose.  Just as he could clean the house, feed our kids and spend all day teaching and giving them the knowledge and skills they need to get on in the world.
BUT he could chop that cord of wood much faster then I could.  And it takes me a fraction of the time to clean the house then it would take him.  He can fix the car without looking at the directions and he can build a bookcase without a pattern.  I can feed our kids faster and healthier without as much planning and I can exercise more patience and joy when dealing with four kids from sun up to sun down.
It’s not about equality, it’s about efficiency.  Stop pretending we are the same.  We aren’t.
We each fill the roles that we are each suited for so that we can quickly dispose of the necessities and have more time doing the things we want.  How is that bad?  Trust me, I am much happier in my home with my children around me then I could ever be in an office.  I know this because I sat in an office for years.
I’m not saying in any way that women shouldn’t have a job if they want to.  Or get equal pay!  I’m not saying that every woman should be a mother.  Nor do I believe that we shouldn’t be educated or exercise our right to vote or that we should have the same opinion as the men in our lives or that we should be beaten or discriminated against or any of those things that you are itching to say “But what about…” about.
The CEDAW is dangerous.  It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Please help.  Again go to Family Watch International and contact your senators just as you did for the Report on the Right to Education.
Don’t let them take away our rights as women by taking away our motherhood.

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