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Another Big One! And a fancy freebie :)

For those of you who read my family blog as well as this one, you can tell why I’ve been neglectful! It’s been busy over here! A few days ago I bade farewell to my fabulous in-laws after a fun visit from them. Matt called me on the way home from the airport to tell me that Spencer (my 1 1/2 year old son) had thrown up twice in the car. He’s had a fever, been throwing up and had diarrhea ever since. As we speak, he is sitting in the recliner watching tv and has been for the last 2 hours. That is UNHEARD of with him. He is usually the energizer bunny on speed. He’s so puny and skinny (when you are only 25 lbs, it doesn’t take long to look emaciated) and just as pitiful as you can imagine. I can’t wait for him to feel better, I feel so bad for him (though I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the extra cuddles I get when he’s sick).

Lucy (6) mentioned that she wasn’t feeling well this morning but I sent her to school anyway (we also got a new movie that she’s been wanting to watch, so I figured it was just an excuse to stay home and watch it). Then about an hour ago, as I was finishing up the freebie, Emma (4) threw up on the couch. At least everyone was healthy for Grandma and Grandpa’s visit.

Anyway, on to the goodies!

First up, I finally got myself in gear and finished up another CU grab bag!

Then we’ve to couple blog collabs for you! First we have “Beautify Your Blog – Sun Showers” a collab with Kristin Aagard!

It’s available 20% off at PDW. It’s also for sale at Kristin’s stores Oscraps. And you can see this collab in use over at Kristin’s Blog

Then we have TWO great blog collabs with the amazing Vera Lim! You have to check out Vera’s store. She has some FABULOUS designs!

“Beautify Your Blog – Flattered” (here)

And “Beautify Your Blog – Feeling Carefree” (here)

And here’s your freebie, it’s a frame cluster (my favorite thing) using items from my Grab Bag

Get it here

Thanks to everyone who made it to the end of this ridiculously long post! Want to know what’s in the grab bag? Ok!

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