I had an appointment with the midwives this morning. I completely lost it and had a melt down and cried for at least 15 minutes during which I listed everything I hated about being pregnant among other things.

They gave me a homeopathic remedy called “Sepia” which is made from squid ink (it tasted just like a sugar pill to me). Supposedly it is supposed to help put everything back in balance so that I’m not so cranky. So one of two things will happen. Either I’ll go into labor because my body knows that I won’t be happy until I’m not pregnant anymore, or it will work some magic to make me be able to handle life until I go into labor on my own. I’m hoping it’s the former, they said it will probably be the latter. Regardless, life should be better for me in a few days.

They said everything is going well with the baby and that he has chunked up a bit this last week and is no longer scrawny(one of them did say last week that he had some more growing to do). It’s always so funny when they feel my stomach. He always puts on quite the show for them. I always get to see it when he squirms around, but he usually stops when other people look. But not with them. There are always limbs flying everywhere and my stomach looks like there is an alien in there. It’s pretty funny.

I just have to say how much I like my midwives. They are so sweet and understanding. I told them that since my mom is coming in next Friday I won’t be able to come for my usual appointment and asked if we could make it for another day (driving to Milbridge and then later to Bangor would be entirely too much for me). They got out their calenders and said that they could come to my house for another home visit that morning so that I wouldn’t have to drive too much. How many other health care providers do you know that would be willing to do that? Not many. I really enjoy the time I spend with them and I think I like them more than any of the other midwives I’ve had before. I just wish they had their office closer to me.

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