Back to the Grind

You’d think that being back to the grindstone would be a bad thing.  But it’s SO not.  We had full out, full three hours, for real school yesterday for the first time in months (it was really hard to do the full block while I was packing/unpacking my house and we were in TLF).

I can’t tell you how nice it was.  And I even have proof!  Check it out.  After journals, our math for the day was playing with patter blocks.  It was hard for them (as the groans and screams of frustration will attest) but they still really loved it.

Emma’s first try (I gave her something easy to see what level she was at).

So proud!

Beautiful Lucy working on hers.  The templates had the blocks a little smaller than than the blocks that I have, so Lucy preferred using the clipboard rather than “be outside of the lines”
They aren’t going to be happy when I tell them today is a workbook day.
Spencer wanted in the action too!  
He didn’t complete the puzzles, but he was able to see which pieces to use.
He’s looking so grown up in this picture!
What a face πŸ™‚  How can you resist a boy with three front teeth?
Spencer playing with rubber bands.
Killing time out in the back yard.  He can only deal with boring math for so long.
After pattern block fun, we snuggled on the couch to read “The Tale of Three Trees” since Easter is coming up.  We started lapbooks about it.  I’ll post them when they are done.
Today will be much more boring for them I think.  Code books and Singapore Math books.

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