Back to the grind

Monday was the first time in weeks that we had school for real.  Our lives have been so full of getting the house ready and pregnancy that my kids were reduced to watching PBS and Liberty Kids most of the time.

I loaded dishes into the dishwasher and we all locked ourselves in the attic for hours.  It was so nice to get back to it.  Emma lost herself in her Math and Phonics and Lucy was eager to get back to it too.  Spencer wasted no time in dumping all of the math manipulatives onto the floor and having fun with those.  It was also the first time that it snowed in a while so afterwards, Matt made us all bundle up and go sledding at the local golf course.  Spencer and Lucy especially had a lot of fun.  Emma and I went down a few times, but after that she wanted to go grocery shopping with me to warm up.

Yesterday Lucy and I talked about the 7 Continents and after just a few minutes she was able to label every one of them correctly.  And by the end of the day (while telling it to Matt), the only one she couldn’t remember was Australia.  Great Job Lucy!!

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