Big Day

Brooklyn came over again this morning to play with the girls. I went running with Sophie, lifted weights, took a shower, cleaned my house AND I still have my sanity! My children are not attention deprived, my dog got some energy out, my house is clean and I am not pulling my hair out. That girl is indispensable. Unfortunately (for me) she is starting nursing school in a few weeks.

My run felt great. I’m not yet to the point where I can run the whole time without stopping to walk, but I can go 6 or 7 minutes outside and 10 on the treadmill. Running outside is a lot harder because the elevation is constantly changing and so does your pace. On the treadmill I can stay slow enough so I can pace myself.

Spencer turns six weeks tomorrow. He is already smiling and laughing and starts to freak out when he can’t see me. When I was lifting weights earlier he was hanging out on the floor getting is own form of exercise. He was facing a basket on the floor and it didn’t take long before he started to scream. I turned him so that he could see me while I worked out and he stopped crying and started smiling, laughing and cooing. I don’t remember Lucy being that attached so early. I didn’t think she started that until she was 3 months old or so. Emma NEVER has had a problem with not being around me. I’m not joking when I tell you that the only time she has ever expressed any separation anxiety is the first Sunday after we moved here. It took the stress of moving across the country for her to want me, and even then she didn’t care if it was me or if it was Matt. The next week she was back to normal.

Brooklyn took a few pictures of me with the kids. I don’t seem to have many since I’m always taking the picture. Isn’t Spencer cute being a little kangaroo in the sling? His legs are crossed and folded up by his stomach. He loves it!

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