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There are books of all shapes and sizes out there. Good light reading, love stories (not to be confused with romance), intellectual, political, spiritual, uplifting, and many, many more.
But there are very few life changing books. Rare is the book that, once you read it, you are a new person; no longer content with the way you had been living your life up to that point.  There few books that light a fire in you that, unlike most fires, does not dim with time, but it is kindled.  It’s an inferno.
Stand for the Family is that book for me.  I have written about it before.
Now just so that you are aware, I am not one of those people who gets free things in the mail to review or giveaway.  I have no problem with that, I just am not on the list that companies send things to.  So any comments or reviews I give on my blog are for things that I have bought with my own money or that have been given to me from close friends or family.  OK, now with that out of the way…
I am giving away TWO copies of Stand for the Family to my readers.
The Rules:

  • All you have to do is leave a comment telling me a life changing book that you have had in your life.  And if you haven’t had a life changing book, then tell me your all time favorite book.
  • While the book can be religious in nature, Scriptures are not allowed, they are life changing, but I already know about them 🙂
  • You can get one extra entry by becoming a follower (so that you can get other updates and stuff)  So leave another comment saying that you have done that.
  • And another entry by linking to this giveaway on your blog (and leave a link in the comments for it)

The giveaway is closed to new entries on Thursday at midnight and I will announce the winners on Friday.
Or you could to Stand for the Family to order yourself.  Discounts for bulk orders of five our more (Christmas presents)!  All proceeds go to Family Watch International to help protect The Family.

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