Book Group

I went to our very first ward book group discussion this morning. The book this time was These is My Words, by Nancy Turner. It was fun and interesting since we were all book group virgins for the most part.

I picked up my mom from the airport last night. It is great having her here. She watched the kids while Matt and I went to book group. Then we ran some errands. It is so nice having a built in babysitter. The girls just love having Grandma here. She has a big bucket of ice and the girls follow her around like puppies begging for food.

But one thing is not so great. I went upstairs for a nap and came down to step in a pile of dog pee in the living room. Sophie is in BIG trouble. “The Stare” simply is not enough for people to know that she needs to go out. I actually think that it doesn’t occur to her to ask anyone other than me to go out. So when I’m not around, she just goes where she wants.

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