Brag on Him

Sorry folks.  I feel like I have to brag about Matt a little more.

As you know (since you all check my blog hourly for updates), last night, we got word that Matt was accepted into the Air Force.  Believe it or not, it’s not a sure thing.  They don’t just take whoever they can get.  It’s actually far from a sure thing.  The Air Force has filled their ranks with dentists and only had 5 openings for this fiscal year (2 of which were already spoken for) for the entire Air Force.  And they can afford to be picky.  They had the potential to just leave all 5 spots open if they didn’t like the applicants.

But they liked Matt!  We are so excited!  I can’t wait.  In a few weeks we’ll find out where we are going to be based.  We put in our preferences, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll get any of them.  I just pray it’s a homeschool friendly state.  And that it’s warm.

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