We’re in the house!

Thursday: Our truck was delivered.

Friday: We got the keys to our house and let the kids run around a bit.  We opened the truck to discover that they did not give us a ramp.  So after numerous phone calls and ranting, we decided not to use ABF for our next move.

Saturday: Matt and the several members of the Elder’s Quorum unloaded the truck.  And with the help of Lowes and their timely delivery of our washer and dryer (we love Lowes), we were able to to get our massive piano out of the truck.  They were able to lift everything else down out of the truck by hand (including two motorcycles).  We decided that regardless of the incentive check we’ll get for moving ourselves, we are too old for a DITY move and will have them do it next time.  We MAY clear enough with the incentive check to replace everything that broke.  I literally have a huge hole going straight through one of my dining room chairs and scrapes and gouges cut out of almost everything else.

Sunday: Church and I started unpacking the kitchen/great room

Monday: The Air Force pays for 20 hours of childcare per child.  Me, being pregnant and going crazy about the idea of unpacking, took advantage of every minute of those 20 hours.  I dropped the kids off at the babysitters, and I continued to unpack the kitchen/great room.  Matt was able to get the afternoon off and we ran some errands (getting a new ID card, picking up our mail key…)  We picked up the kids at 2:30 and they didn’t want to leave… always a good sign.

Tuesday: Dropped kids off late because Spencer wanted eggs for breakfast.  I finished the living room (it’s beautiful), made divided the great room into four parts.  Finished the “toy area” of the great room and started putting the books in bookcases.  Matt decided that we should replace our industrial strength shelving units with actual bookcases because we want our home to be beautiful.  ABF was supposed to pick up the trailer… but came after 6 when the truck entrance to the base closed.

Wednesday: Dropped the kids off (Lucy didn’t want to go, so she was with me).  Had a Dr’s apt.  Picked up some cute bins for my bookcases at Kmart and emptied some more boxes in to our “bookcases”.  We decided that they didn’t look as bad as we thought they would (all filled up with books and pretty bins) so we’ll keep them.  Had a meltdown.  ABF picked up their truck, wondered why we didn’t have the ramp in it, I wanted to strangle someone.

Thursday: First day trying to unpack with the kids around.  Replaced the deadbolt on the front door with one that you have to lock with a key from both sides (to keep Spencer from escaping).  Got our dining room table put in the right spot of the great room.  Tried to make room for a third bookcase (by moving it along a tile floor) and the legs collapsed and everything fell on the floor.  The kids were all in the other room so no one got hurt.  But I decided it was a good time to curl up on the couch with a martini and a romance novel.  But since I don’t do either of those things, I ordered the Disney Channel and watched Phineas and Ferb until Matt got home.  Ordered pizza, replaced the bent parts of our shelving unit, put up another one, added some shelves to the bottom for more stability and strength (so it won’t happen again).  Tried to unpack some more, had a meltdown.  Matt made me go to bed.

Friday: all furniture that could be moved, moved into the right spots.  All but two boxes downstairs unpacked.  Got dressed in a real outfit for the first time in a week.  Put on makeup, felt human.  Our downstairs still needs some work, but it’s done enough so that I don’t twitch every time I sit down to relax.

Saturday:  Went to Alamo to order a bed frame for Lucy’s bed, and a couple of mattresses (Emma and Lucy have been sharing Lucy’s queen size bed and Spencer has been using an old twin that we’ll be putting on an empty top bunk for lucy to use when visitors come)  Went grocery shopping, stocked up on ice cream and hugs and found a local supplier for Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer.  Came home, took a nap.  Helped out kids with stomach and nose issues.  Probably won’t be in church tomorrow.

Lucy is enjoying her job as laundry lady.  Buying a washer and dryer without any confusing buttons was necessary.  I needed it to be easy enough for a seven year old… and it is 🙂

I’ll post pictures when it’s clean enough to take them.

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