Well, yesterday was as busy a day and as expensive a day as any. We stared by driving into Ellsworth to pick up my script and pay a bill. Then we drove to Bar Harbor to pick up my permit to run a business in my home (more on that another day) and stopped at a farm to get a gallon of milk. After coming home and then throwing the kiddos into quiet time, I ironed and cut about 20 yards of fabric (again, more on that another day.) By now it was 4 and my back was starting to hurt. It had hurt like this on Saturday and after sitting down for a while I felt better. So I finished my cutting and cleaned up, by the time I was able to sit down I was really hurting. This time sitting didn’t help. By 5:30 I was shaking and throwing up from the pain (something I’ve only ever experienced during childbirth.) By 5:40 Matt was home and I told him he couldn’t go to his dental meeting because there was no way I was going to be able to feed or watch the kids. By 6:30 I had thrown up twice more and we were on our way to the emergancy room. After waiting for while (and throwing up yet again) I was given an IV and some pain meds (hallelujiah). After some poking and prodding, a CAT scan and three Xrays what was the diagnosis? Exactly what I told them it was when I came in. Kidney Stones. But it was so small that it shouldn’t have caused as much pain as it did (pretty darn close to labor) They were also concerned because they could see the stone in the Xray, but all of my fluids were clean (uncommon with a kidney stone or infection.) And my white blood cell count was really high and they couldn’t figure that out either. The uroligist wanted me to stay over night for observation, but I told the ER doctor that we couldn’t even afford the treatment I had already gotten and unless they had a really good reason to keep me, I was going home to relieve our babysitter. They said that was fine and they thought the uroligist was over reacting anyway. They gave me a handful of Rx and a bottle of vicoden and sent me on my way. I sure am looking forward to the 4 or 5k bill I am going to get in the mail a month from now.

How do I feel now? Like I went to bed at 2. But no pain. And as fare as I am concerned, that’s the most important thing.

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