Can You Believe It?

Over five months since Jack was born I am STILL suffering from my c-section.
I am “regaining feeling” in my lower abdomen.  Which is medical speak for I have enough sensation to itch, but not enough to scratch it.  It is also still fairly tender to the touch, so three year old boys jumping on my lap isn’t fun.
Earlier this week I discovered yet another interesting side effect.
I seem to have a fair amount of scar tissue around my incision site.  I was made painfully (literally) aware of this fact while going from elbow plank up to dolphin pose during Jillian’s Yoga workout.
OUCH!  Today it wasn’t just plank to dolphin, but the side planks as well.
No pain no gain, right?  My midwife said that exercise and massage will break up the scar tissue.  In the meantime.  I’ll be popping some ibuprofen and screaming every time I do yoga.

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