Can you run a half-marathon without training?

Yes… but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Our friend Molly told Amy and I about the half-marathon on base two weeks ago.  Amy and I had just run 6 miles the day before so we figured we if we could squeeze in an 8-miler that week we could run it.  It would be my second, Amy’s first.
Amy and I lined up at the starting line precisely at 0700 hours.  I’m amazed at how good I felt!  And I’m also amazed at how quickly I was able to run.  I don’t know why I can’t run like that in my workouts.  Something about it being an actual race I guess.  I passed a whole lot of people I didn’t expect to pass.
At around the turn around point my left hip started to hurt.  A muscle cramp that just would not go away.  Then my feet started to burn.  The vibrams are great for five or six miles, but 13 was just too much for my feet.  There was one girl in front of me that I swore I was going to pass, I steadily gained on her until three or four miles to go.  My feet and hip keeping me from going fast enough to pass her.  It didn’t bother me until I discovered that she was only one minute in front of me and if I passed her I would have gotten myself a medal!  Oh well.  Next time I guess 🙂
My hip still hurts a little and my feet were so blistered that I am now shopping for some less “minimalist” running shoes.  I love my five-fingers, but I need more cushioning over that much of a distance.  My left foot especially is taking it hard.  I’ve had a charlie horse in my arch for a very long time so I’m pretty sure my workouts this coming week are put on hold.
So, yes.  You can run a half marathon without training.  But I wouldn’t recommend it… at least I don’t if you wear vibrams 🙂

  • Cheire says:

    I’m good up until 4-5 miles in Vibrams, but any more than that I have to call it quits and wear a different shoe. I’m hoping to work up to more though! Nathan asked me the other day if I was going to wear them for the Marathon we’re doing in Roswell next year… I’m going to try, but if in my training I find that I can’t break that “ow” threshold, then I’ll get something else. Looks like the shoes they sell at might provide a happy medium.
    Glad you both were able to finish! I hope the pain goes away quickly 🙂

  • Krista says:

    Wow!!! You girls are amazing!!! Congrats on almost getting a medal. That’s so awesome!

  • Heather B says:

    Wow! Way to go!!!

  • Megan B says:

    OH my! HA HA HA HA HA!! You DID NOT. Yes, you did you rock 🙂 I found a pair of Asics that fit my feet like little soft clouds. Took me 25 pairs, but I got the right one!

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