May 22

Ch ch ch ch Changes

I know I haven’t said much the last month or so, but don’t be surprised if I’m MIA for the next few months as well. I am going to be super busy.

A few weeks ago, Matt and I decided that we wanted to move back to Washington. It’s beautiful here but there are too many things about Maine that I don’t like. So, being the ethical and honest man that he is. Matt told his boss that we wouldn’t be buying into the practice, but that we would leave in a few years or until he found someone else. Well, honesty officially doesn’t pay. Matt’s boss has decided that since we won’t be staying for the long haul, we weren’t worth keeping around at all (aka didn’t want to share the patients). I guess the fact that his contract doesn’t run out until next summer doesn’t matter. So I will be spending the next few days de-cluttering and painting my house and if all goes well, we’ll have it on the market on Monday.

Lest you think we are completely up a creek, Matt did call another dentist friend whom he really admires and respects (odd that it wouldn’t be Dr. Maller) and asked for some advice. Dr. Kadoo told Matt he could start working for him anytime and will do everything in his power to keep us here. I don’t think that will happen. I really want to go home. But it’s nice to know that if the house doesn’t sell by labor day (Matt’s official last day at his current job) then we won’t have to declare bankruptcy. So Matt will start transitioning into Dr. Kadoo’s practice immediately. He has some cases with Dr. Maller that he has to finish, but he now feels no loyalty. There is nothing like having your hat handed to you to make you realize that not everyone is as honest and ethical as you are and that the love of money (selfishness) really is the root of all evil.)

I would love it if the house sold next week, and if when we went to visit our family in Washington this July, we wouldn’t have to come back. But I am realistic enough to realize that probably won’t happen. The housing market isn’t that hot right now, and, Dave Ramsey aside, we still have payments. We can wait until the right practice comes along and Matt can just buy it. He wants to work for himself and by himself now. Dave Ramsey was right (as always). Business partnerships are a bad idea. In fact, I actually got to speak with him yesterday. We were still feeling a bit of loyalty to Dr Maller and wondered if we should just stay even though we don’t like it here and he isn’t making as much as he could elsewhere. He suggested we cut our losses and go where our family will prosper. Just a few hours later we had the rug jerked out from underneath us (needless to say, all loyalty is gone.)

But while I’m here, I feel that I must thank my Heavenly Father. I have often been taught that the trials that we are given in this life will never be more than we can handle. A month ago I had hit rock bottom. I had a loving friend reach out to me and tell me that she thought I needed help and she held my hand while I found it. I have been dealing with Postpartum Depression for the last several months and she and some other friends and relatives were able to help me open my eyes and understand what I was going through and not be ashamed of it. I saw a doctor and I am doing 100% better now. I know that the Lord was preparing me for this. He knew I was unhappy here, he knew my struggles and he knew something huge was coming. He sent me friends and family (often from unexpected places) to help me through and to help me be myself again. During her prayers, my Lucy often thanks Heavenly Father that Mom is feeling better. The Lord knew I couldn’t handle this in the state I was in and he sent help just in the nick of time. It’s not often that you get to see the trial that you couldn’t have faced. This is an interesting opportunity to literally see his hand guiding you so clearly. I have been wondering the last few days why it is that we felt so good about leaving now, when a year ago, the clear answer to our prayer was “no”. My good friend Tara said that sometimes the Lord gives us trials so that we can prove that we will do what he says, not what we want. I will go where you want me to go, dear Lord. And I’ll be where you want me to be. He wanted us here. I don’t know why, but he did. And I feel our mission here has finished. Now we can go home. Please keep us in your prayers. Our house needs to sell, sell quickly, and sell for as much as we owe on it, plus sellers commission. And we would like a lucrative practice in Bellingham to go on the market for cheap right after the house sells, but that might be asking a bit too much 🙂

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  1. Oh my goodness, Courtney. I am so sorry about Matt’s job, but it sounds like you have been blessed with another opportunity quickly, which is wonderful. We will pray for you and for your house to sell quickly. Can’t wait to see you back here in WA!

  2. Wow! I understand where your “jumping out of (your) skin” feeling was coming from! It’s amazing how we sometimes just know something… even if we don’t know the particulars. The Lord is truly mindful. And, as we see here, He has provided a way… not only to get you back home, but to sustain you until you do.

    I’m so glad we were able to meet back up! You’ve helped me in many ways too.

    (I have to admit, though, I am now throughly jealous…)

  3. I’m so jealous… I want to move back to WA too. Hopefully in a couple of years we’ll be headed back to the great NW too. Good luck selling your house and getting all the details worked out.

  4. wow- lots of drama, but it sounds like you have a good outlook now. I’m excited for you guys to join us back in Washington! Good luck with everything in the coming weeks.

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